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These trips are an opportunity for those who are interested to travel to Ethiopia and make a difference in the community of Bishoftu.

These trips bring tremendous encouragement to the people in our program. Missionaries have the opportunity to pour into the community by promoting education, life long learning and relationship building.

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Difference Maker

It was the experience of a lifetime for me and my family to be part of something so significant and personally meaningful. We were all impacted in different ways. We made transforming relationships, our eyes were opened wider, and we received so much more than we gave. It was a huge blessing to us all.
Site Pastor
The Miz City Church

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to have a broadened worldview after this trip. Culture in Ethiopian is very different from Canadian culture. So you can expect to be challenged and grow from the trip. 

Cross cultural relationships will be developed. You will be immersed in Ethiopian culture and will have ample time interacting with the staff, families and children. There will be lots of time spent with the children that will foster friendships.

To maximize the experience, we ask participants to bring an open heart that is willing, a desire for relationships and flexibility for different situations that arise. 

Respect for the culture and the people is also key. We ask that you respect and follow the rules of BCC, as they are placed for your safety. We also ask that you respect the people and the culture there. 

Ethiopians are very warm and inviting people. It is common to greet each other with handshakes and kisses. Ethiopians enjoy a slower paced life, a lot different from what Canadians are used to. Ethiopians also love to welcome visitors into their homes and serve traditional Ethiopian coffee. 

When it comes to food, Ethiopian food typically consists of vegetables and spicy meat dishes. These are typically eaten with Injera, sourdough flat-bread that is a staple food in Ethiopia. It is also common practice to feed your friends or family, so don’t be too shocked if you are offered a bite of someone else’s dish.

The cost of the trip is estimated to be $2,800. This includes plane ticket, room and board, pick up and drop off at Addis airport, and local transportation. Participants will be staying in the BCC guesthouse, dorm style living, and will be provided homemade meals.  

Visa, transportation on a personal trip, eating out and souvenirs are not included. 

    • There are a few different approaches to funding your work in missions. If you have the funds already set aside for your trip, that is easiest.
    • It is important to remember that the objective is not just to raise money; it is to allow others to partner with you in this ministry. 
    • If you are a part of a group from the same church or community, make the most of your efforts by working together as a team to raise support. Here are some quick tips for raising ministry.
      1. Pray. Pray and trust God to faithfully provide the needed resources to accomplish His purposes. 
      2. Begin with your family and home church. The best place to start looking for supporters is with those who know you best and care about you. Some family members and friends will want to give.
      3. Make a list of potential donors. Develop a list of individuals, groups, churches and organizations that might be interested in supporting. Check with your church regarding their policy about raising money from church members. 
      4. Send a support letter to your potential donors.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about visiting Ethiopia with us. We’d love to hear form you!

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