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Age: 14 – ID: 20365


Age: 19 – ID:20268


Age: 16 – ID: 20376


Age: 13- ID: 20263


Age: 15 – ID: 20391


Age: 16 – ID: 20297

Abreham - Child Sponsorship


Age: 18 – ID: 20208


Age: 15 – ID: 20293


Age: 14 – ID: 20295

Meheret- Child Sponsor


Age: 11 – ID: 20314


Age: 14 – ID: 20385

Alemayehu - Child Sponsor


Age: 17 – ID: 20217


Age: 8 – ID: 30129


Age: 23 – ID: 20228


Age: 16 – ID: 20257

Age: 15 - ID: 20215

Age: 10 - ID: 20341

This is Telaye.

He turned 14 years old this year. Telaye lives with his mother, Emush. Life is difficult due to his mother’s chronic and severe illness. Her condition continues to decline, and she is in pain daily and is unable to work. Telaye’s father has abandoned the family. Telaye desperately needs help to have his basic needs met and break out of the poverty he is living in. He hopes to become a mechanic when he is older and earn livable wages.

ID: 20365


Hi! I am Efrata. 

I turned 19 this year. I am a bright student and enjoy learning maths and English. My goal is to one day become a nurse so I can look after and help sick people. My parents are both deceased. My mother was murdered in what police believe was a poisoning. My father died of alcohol-related complications. If I owned my own land I would build a hospital so I could help others. I live with my aunt and look forward to the nights when I have pasta for supper. Although I don’t have chores to do, I still help out around the house. I have three dogs and three cats (my favourite animals). My best friend is Yabsira and Bamelak we like to read my academic textbook-like physics and biology including the commentary. My favourite colour is red, which seems fitting because it is very vibrant, just like me!

ID: 20268

Hi, my name is Wasihun.

I was bore out of a very violent situation. My mother was raped by her estranged husband after he broke into the house when she was at work and hid until she came home. When she returned, he attacked her and left. But I blessed the family by being born 9 months later. I am a loving boy and I’m always smiling! I live with my mother, sister and three brothers. My favorite animal is the lion, although I don’t get to see them. I am currently ranked 3rd in my class at school and am not satisfied with this. I am working hard to study my weak subjects to improve. My favorite subject is English. I want to be a scientist in the future. I enjoy playing soccer and I feel blessed for the social workers and teachers who are helping make my dreams come true.

ID: 20376

Hi! I’m Dinegde.

I am 13 years old. My father used to work as a night guard and my mother stayed at home. Every night, my mother would deliver dinner to my father at his workplace. One sad night when she went to deliver his dinner, she found him dead. To this day, no one knows how he died. His death left behind me and six of my siblings to a single mother who did not have any other means of income. Currently, my mother makes a living by selling Tela (a homemade alcoholic drink). I help her around the house by sweeping the floor. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. My favorite color is yellow and I love to play with my best friend, Dawit. My favorite game is soccer. I am currently a Grade 6 student at Bethlehem Campus.

Dinegde is classified as urgent because he and his family are in need of food.

ID: 20263

Hello! I’m Yetemework. 

Yetemework lives in a large family. Although she is blessed to have both parents living in her home, her parents both struggle with illnesses that add a burden to the family. Her father is diabetic and is a blood pressure patient, and her mother has asthma. While these conditions could be somewhat controlled with medication, it is not easily affordable for the Girma family. Most of the family’s income is in the form of her father’s pension, which is $30 USD per month. With 8 children in the family, this doesn’t begin to stretch far enough to meet the family’s needs. Yetemework’s favorite color is black. She enjoys playing soccer, a favorite national past time in Ethiopia, and dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up.

ID: 20391

Hello! I am Huluyalfal.

I’m described as being fun. Both of my parents died due to an unknown illness, leaving my 16 year old sister to care for me. When BCI found us we were living in a one room house that doubled as a café. We shared a burlap sack behind the serving counter. Now I live with my aunt who is doing a better job caring for me but we don’t have enough money to live on.

ID: 20297

Abreham - Child SponsorshipHi, my name is Abreham. 

I am 19 years old. I am living in a dirt shack with my four siblings and grandmother who is barely able to support herself, let alone five children. When our parents both passed away from the same unknown illness several years ago, my grandmother opened her home to us to keep us off the streets. We have been struggling ever since. I am quickly becoming trilingual. My language by birth is Gurage but I am now learning Amharic and English at school. I enjoy playing football with my siblings and friends and attending school. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite animal is a cow.

ID: 20208

This is Hermila. 

She just turned 15 this year. Hermila’s parents died when she was only 3 years old. Since the death of her parents, Hermila has lived with her grandmother, who earns only $40 CAD per month from her pension. It is a difficult life trying to meet the needs of a growing teen girl on such a small income. Hermila hopes to become an engineer when she is older and wants a good job and life. Her favourite colour is pink and she enjoys spending time with her classmates.

ID: 20293

Hello! I am Hiwot. 

I live with my mother and two younger siblings. I experienced the hardships of life early as my father passed away when I was young. My mother remarried but hit another hardship when my step father left the family, leaving my mother to single-handedly care for three young children. My mother is a strong woman who does her best to make a living by washing clothes and baking injera (Ethiopian bread); however, her income is so little that she struggles to provide for her family. Despite it all, I am a very smart girl and I help out at home by doing dishes, cleaning the house and watching my little siblings. I have two friends who live next door – Buta and Aba. We spend time together to pass the time. My favorite animal is the cat. I also love the color red. I adore my mother so much that I want to live with her forever!

ID: 20295

Meheret- Child SponsorHi! I’m Meheret. 

I am 11 years old. I live with my mother and younger sister. My father abandoned us when I was five years old. My mother has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. She works in the local slaughterhouse making less than a dollar a day. I love math and in the future want to become a doctor. My favourite colour is red and I love to play hide and go seek with my best friend, Mita.

ID: 20314

Hi! My name is Yabsira. 

Yohannes lives with her father. Her father has graduated from Rift Valley University with a degree in computer science, but at this time he is unemployed. He lives with a disability that makes life challenging, and because of their circumstances, Yabsira and her father life with family.

ID: 20385

Alemayehu - Child SponsorHi! I’m Alemayehu. 

I am a quiet young man and I have lived a hard life. I am the youngest of four children and we all live with our mother. Our father passed away during a cave-in on a house he was building. This left our mother to care for all four of us on her own. Our mother has a steady job but she is required to work 7 days a week and doesn’t make a lot of money. The BCI program has been the answer to her prayers. I used to suffer from major stomach illnesses but my care has improved greatly since joining the BCI program, and now my health is dramatically improved. I like to play soccer with my friends, and I have a big dream that I will become a famous player.

ID: 20217

Hello! I am Beselote.

Life used to be normal and full of joy for my family. My father provided and my mother cared for us, but one day our life turned upside down when my father was arrested on a suspicion of wrong-doing. With my father’s income gone, life became very hard for all of us. Like many other Ethiopian women, my mother never worked outside the home yet the full burden of providing and caring for us now fell on her. Our situation improved when we were reunited with my father, but then he passed away of an unknown cause. As our family struggles to survive we rely on the mercy of relatives and friends., but that still is not enough when our relatives and friends struggle to provide for their own families as well. My favorite subject at school is science and I want to become an engineer when I grow up. I enjoy school and I enjoy playing after school.

ID: 30129

Hi! My name is Bemnet. 

I am 23 years old. I am an only child and I live with my mother, who is sick. My own health is very unstable. My mother works for the Air Force as a secretary. She used to practice at home being a secretary in hopes that she would get a job someday. That day has come and her practice paid off. I help my mom out by hauling water home. I enjoy math because it is easy and the teachers do a good job teaching it. My dream is to one day become a scientist. My favourite food is pasta, but for breakfast, I usually eat bread. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite animal is the giraffe. I love to watch movies. I am a 2nd-year University student. Studying Natural Science. I am also learning guitar on my free time.

ID: 20228

Hi, my name is Dawit. 

Dawit grew up in a military family, with his father serving in the Ethiopian Army. Tragically, his father died during a military training accident. Dawit’s mother is now left with the responsibility of earning a living while raising her son. Like many women in Ethiopia, she does not have job skills training to help her earn livable wages. Instead, she works as a daily laborer, earning a small income when possible by completing chores. Dawit’s favorite color is red and he has plans to become a researcher when he grows up.

ID: 20257

Hi! I am Afomiya. 

Afomiya lives with her mother and two older sisters. She is a partial orphan, having lost her father when she was young. Her mother does the best she can to support the girls by working as daily labour for defence. This brings in only $35 CAD; not enough to support a family. Afomiya enjoys playing soccer with her friends and her favourite colour is pink. She hopes to become a doctor when she is older.

ID: 20215

This is Netsanet.

Netsanet is a sweet girl living with her mother and her sister, Yordanos. Her father abandoned the family after her parents divorced when she was 2 years old. He won’t even take phone calls from the girls and Netsanet is sad and misses him. She has difficulty studying because she is always thinking about him and wishing he will return to her life. Netsanet’s mother does the best she can to support her girls, but struggles to earn a living as a daily laborer. She takes work door-to-door, performing chores like washing clothes when she can find customers. This brings in less than $30 USD per month. Netsanet loves to play hide and seek and enjoys spending time with her sister. Her favorite color is green and she dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up.

ID: 20341