Current Projects

The Annual Million Meals Project

This project is made possible by Fraser Valley Gleaners BC, a Canadian nonprofit who collects, processes and packages vegetables to send to countries needing food. 

In partnership with FV Gleaners and our donors, we have been able to send one 40-foot container every year for the past three years. Each containers carries about 1,000 boxes of bagged dehydrated vegetables (lentils, potatoes, celery, leek, beans, etc.). 

It costs about $20,000 CAD to send one container. This project provides one million nutritious meals to the community of Bishoftu.

The Water Well Project

This project aims to raise funds to build a water well in Bishoftu. Currently the community that we is  severely deprived of clean water.  It is our hope to raise $30,000 by  2021 to build this well.