Lending a hand towards empowerment

We support the people of Ethiopia by meeting their physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs.

We long to see the day when all Ethiopian children break free from poverty and are empowered to give back to their community.

Current Projects

Medical Centre Project

This project is geared towards building a clinic will be serving the poor and needy in the Bishoftu community and the surrounding area.

Water Well Pump and other supplies

This project aims to raise funds to finish the a water well project in Bishoftu. The funds will provide for a pump, pipe, and run water lines throughout the school.

Life Sponsorship

Life Sponsorship is our way of not only providing children with their basic needs and education, but building up families and the community of Bishoftu. 

Mission Trips

Come with us to Ethiopia! These trips are an opportunity for those who are interested in travelling to Bishoftu and making a difference by physically being there. 

Make a Donation Today!

Your donations allow us to continue our work in Ethiopia. You will be an essential partner in lending a hand towards sustainable change within communities.

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